About Mimont

Mimont is driven by wonder in everything she does.


When writing, she starts with a question, then devout curiosity leads her into the plot.  In her Napa Valley thriller, DADDY’S GIRL, (optioned by an indie producer) she wondered what an innocent executive might do if he were deemed the sole suspect in his daughter’s kidnapping.


SAVING FAITH, a historical screenplay, explored how a daring aviatrix might break the law in order to make a living during the Great Depression.  The script received a Win Femme pitch award for its strong female character.


In her first novel, UNPROTECTED SAX WITH EINSTEIN, Mimont wondered why, after so much hard work, the story never gelled.  So she threw it out.  (And yes that's sax—not sex—with Einstein.)


Her next novel, THROUGH THICK AND THICKER, was fortunate enough to escape death by shredder.  The story sprang from a conversation she had with her mom:  What would it be like to have lost nearly everyone you loved?  Could you be so shaken you’d sacrifice your own life to save the one person you had left?  This controversial piece deals with the death penalty, abortion, prescription drugs and gourmet chocolate, yet managed to gain her admittance to the prestigious Community of Writers at Squaw Valley – proving that chocolate is good for your career.


Because Mimont loves stories, she works as a freelance screenplay analyst.  Her client list includes a major screenwriting competition and the Writers Guild of America.  Confidentiality agreements prevent her from expounding on that.  Quality vodka, however, has been known to be a game changer so it’s worth a try if you’re interested.


She has a BA in Cinema and has taken additional classes in novel writing.  Other notable educational experiences include: getting caught in a race riot, finding herself in a burning house, getting bitten by a turtle, and being inside her jeans when they were inadvertently hung on a coat rack.  She wishes that last one were fictional but, sadly, there were witnesses.


Mimont lives with her husband in Los Angeles, having been kicked out of the Bay Area and the Midwest.  Relentless animal lovers, they keep a tin of dog biscuits on the porch for the locals, though they’ve been pet-less since their Portuguese Water Dogs died.  (Don’t feel sad.  They were 15 and 16.  In a few more years they’d have gone off to college anyway.)


And if Mimont hasn’t met you yet, she sincerely hopes to change that soon.




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